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Love For All Seasons

Love For All Seasons

Director: Johnnie To, Wai Ka-fai
Cast: Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng, Li Bing bing
Production Year: 2003
Duration: 93 mins
Award(s): -

Millionaire TIGER HUNG(Louis Koo) can win a woman’s heart just as easy as to break it. When his womanizing habit finally wears down his body, Tiger is told to find cure at the mysterious all-women martial arts sect Omei.

Omei’s young master MAY (Sammi Cheng) excels in both martial arts and Chinese medicine. She offers to help Tiger on the condition that he’ll keep his hands off of her young disciples.

Tiger can barely stand Omei’s sober environment, but shuts his mouth when May demonstrates her power. Everyday May puts Tiger through rigorous and painful therapy as Tiger brags about his womanizing glories.

The healing process moves smoothly until May’s big sister MISERY (Li Ding Ding) shows up and challenges May into a duel. May quickly heals Tiger and sends him off the mountain. It was then Tiger realizes the therapy has all been a hoax. May was just getting back at him for breaking women’s hearts.

Misery has lost her mind because she just came out of a bad relationship. She threatens to destroy Omei unless May beats her with the sect’s long-lost “Heartbreak Sword Technique”. May not only have to master the technique, but also experience heartbreak quick in order to maximize her power. She immediately knows exactly who can help her…

May travels to Hong Kong and asks Tiger for the favor. Tiger accepts the “challenge” and gets right to work: First he makes May fall for him, the he pulls out all stops to crush her heart. It is not until Tiger shows up with his fiancé KAT (Hamnett, Belinda) that delivers the final blow to May’s first taste of real love.

May returns to Omei sect completely crushed, but also all powered up ready to fight Misery with the Heartbreak Sword Technique. She easily out-powers Misery during the duel, until Tiger shows up and begs her to come back. It turns out the million-dollar playboy has finally set his mind on this unassuming swordswoman.

At last, this strange and long-winding relationship finally reaches a happy ending.