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Stephen Chiau

The undisputed 'king of comedy' Stephen Chiau's innate comic sensibility and sharp wit has contributed some of the most hilarious moments in Asian cinema. As an actor, director, producer and scriptwriter, Chow has consistently produced comedic gems that translate into box office gold.

Chow's foray into comedy began with the 1990 film All For The Winner. Received well by Asian audiences, Chow began to develop his distinct brand of humour known as 'Mo Lei Tau' and by 1994, found himself capable of writing and directing successful films of his own, such as From Beijing with Love, God of Cookery and King of Comedy.

Attempting to cater to a wider audience outside Asia, Chow began to change the comedic style of his films, producing big budget productions which employed more comedic action, special effects and CGI, as seen in his 2001 hit Shaolin Soccer. His follow up film Kung Fu Hustle finally brought him international acclaim winning a BAFTA for 'Best Film Not in the English Language' and 'Best Director' at the Golden Horse Film Awards.