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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Director: Clifton Ko
Cast: Karl Maka, Wong Ka Ming, Danny Chan, Loretta Lee, Paula Tsui, Leslie Cheung, Yuen Woo Ping
Production Year: 1984
Duration: 96 mins
Award(s): -

Middle aged newspaper city editor Mak Sheung has to spend his birthday on Silent Night with his 2 year-old son, Mak Ming. He begins to realize how he missed his late spouse.

The elder son, Ah Keung and daughter, Ah Chun are both aware of their father's loneliness. They persuade Mak to date teh singer, Siu Fung living next door. She is quite fond of Mak and offers to take care of Mak Ming during the day.

Despite his intention not to marry again, Mak is finally convinced by his beloved children to pursue Siu Fung. Incidentally, her cousin, Uncle Sam returns from the States with a proposal to marry her.

On the night before Chinese New Year's Eve, a row started off by Mak ends up in a fight at the night club they are visiting. The trio ends up in the police station. Siu Fung is so mad with Mak that she decides to marry Uncle Sam.

Mak feels miserable for losiing Siu Fung while his children and friends are having a good time inside his house on New Year's Eve. While meditating on the veranda, Siu Fung returns to his great delight.