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The Magnificent Butcher

The Magnificent Butcher

Director: Woo-Ping Yuen
Cast: Sammo Hung, Lee Hoi San, Fan Mei Sheng
Production Year: 1980
Duration: 108 mins
Award(s): -

'Butcher', Lam Sai Wing (Sammo Hung) is the most talented, yet the most troublesome pupil of legendary kung fu master Wong Fei Hung (Kwan Tak Hing). As his master leaves town for a business trip, Butcher soon gets up to his mischievous ways. While attempting to stop a robbery, he runs afoul of homegrown scoundrels Master Ko (Lee Hoi San) and his son Tai Hoi (Fung Hark On).

Meanwhile, Butcher’s long lost brother Lam Sai Kwong (Kam Chiang) comes to town with his beautiful bride Yuet Mei (Jing Tong). However trouble arises when the gullible Sai Kwong is conned by Tai Hoi into thinking Butcher owes him a lot of money, taking Yuet Mei as payment.

Riddled with guilt and ready to take his life, Butcher is saved by Beggar So (Fan Mei Sheng), an old friend of Wong Fei Hung, and a fellow kung fu master. As the two unite to save Yuet Mei from Master Ko, a whole new set of problems arise that will challenge Butcher to be the best kung fu master he can be.